414 Fudge Flavor Sample Pack - 4, approx. 4-ounce fudges

414 Fudge Flavor Sample Pack - 4, approx. 4-ounce fudges

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A Milwaukee Fudge Company sample pack paying homage to the homegrown flavors and most iconic foods of Milwaukee!

Chocolate Whisky - 1/4 lb
Our creamy chocolate fudge is infused with Milwaukee’s own Kinnickinnic Whisky from Great Lakes Distillery. Take a moment to cheer some of Milwaukee’s first immigrants to settle in the Historic Third Ward, the men and women who made Milwaukee, with this decadently rich Whisky Fudge.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Doppelbock - 1/4 lb
Bring a little Brew City right to your home. We’ve partnered with Lakefront Brewery and feature their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Doppelbock, a German inspired beer aged in bourbon barrels for six months. By adding this award winning brew to our caramel fudge we've brought in the flavors of dried fruit, vanilla and oak. We can't think of a better pairing! This beer, only available in February, finds a home in our fudge all year round! Cheers!

Vanilla Custard - 1/4 lb
Our Vanilla Custard Fudge is full of nostalgia of sunny afternoons at your favorite Milwaukee frozen custard stand. The vanilla custard fudge has a delicate creamy, buttery flavor that will leave you reaching for more. The taste of Milwaukee custard that won’t melt in the mail!

Coffee - 1/4 lb
Milwaukee's coffees are better than ever before, giving the nickname “Brew City” a new meaning. This coffee fudge proves that further!