Custard Flavor of the Day Sample Pack - 4, approx. 4-ounce fudges

Custard Flavor of the Day Sample Pack - 4, approx. 4-ounce fudges

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A Milwaukee Fudge Company best seller! The taste of Milwaukee custard that won’t melt in the mail!

Butter Pecan - 1/4 lb
Butter pecan is a favorite flavor at many historic Milwaukee custard stands, and that takes center stage in this classic flavor. Made with a vanilla base then enhanced with butter and roasted pecans, its smooth buttery flavor is a superstar in this sampler.

Vanilla Custard - 1/4 lb
Our Vanilla Custard Fudge is full of nostalgia of sunny afternoons at your favorite Milwaukee frozen custard stand. The vanilla custard fudge has a delicate creamy, buttery flavor that will leave you reaching for more.

Blue Moon - 1/4 lb
Rumor has it that this Midwest favorite began in Milwaukee! Let the nostalgia wash over you as you enjoy our sweet, but not too sweet Blue Moon fudge. Creamy and tangy with just a hint of Almond, this old fashioned classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Mint Chip - 1/4 lb
Always a staple of a historic custard stand, this creamy Mint Chip is a delight!

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