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About Us

About Delicious Food Delivered

Small business helping small businesses

"It all started because we wanted to bring a taste of what people experienced on our tours into their homes" Theresa Nemetz, CEO of Milwaukee Food & City Tours and Chicago Food Tours.

When the pandemic shut everything down in 2020, creating advent calendars of delicious locally sourced products not only saved our tour business, it saved hundreds of other small businesses and food producers with some essential income.

Customers loved how they could send these boxes to their families and share in the opening of the treats. It became a family tradition to taste and learn about these delicious products. The advent calendar introduced them to small business products they never knew.

Our first box was the Delicious Wisconsin box.  It sold out in 48  hours and immediately our customers started to ask us, "when can I buy an Advent Calendar for other states?" So, we renamed our gift box business in 2021 to expand beyond Milwaukee.

Now Delivering Unique Advent Calendars for 8 States + 1 Region!

We listened and now 2 years later, in partnership with wonderful artisans throughout the country, we deliver hand-picked, locally sourced delicious foods in gift boxes specific to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and new editions of Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana this year. Plus, we're offering a special 12 Days of Great Lakes edition.

Each daily door is bursting with flavors and treats unique to your state!  We ship nationwide to support anyone missing their home state!

The Team

Delicious Food Delivered is run by Theresa Nemetz and her team- the same passionate group behind Milwaukee Food & City Tours, and Chicago Food Tours in partnership of hundreds of local food producers from your state!

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