What Our Customers Are Saying

After shipping Advent calendars and gift boxes nationwide the last two years, here's what our great customers have to say!

"Great praises on every product and quantity, you not only gave us deliciousness, but joy, laughter, and an experience anticipating the treat each day."


"Just want to let you know how much my recipient is enjoying their advent calendar, it's so cute and so well done, I'm sure they'll be expecting it again next year!"

Sally B

"I placed an order for 2 Wisconsin calendars! We loved it so much last year. This year one son gets one too! Your product is amazing!"


"The advent calendars were a hit with my family. It's a struggle to find something different and this has topped it! My kids are texting me every morning telling me what's in the window each day, and are praising the delicious treats! Somehow this has made me feel closer to my kids. Thank you!"


"Thanks for a wonderful gift idea! I purchased two Minnesota advent calendars. My daughter and son are really enjoying it. The hits so far are the caramel, jerky and hot chocolate."

Dede B.

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The Team

Delicious Food Delivered is run by Theresa Nemetz and her team- the same passionate group behind Milwaukee Food & City Tours, and Chicago Food Tours in partnership of hundreds of local food producers from your state!


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